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Nice to meet you! I'm Evelyn.

As an experienced user researcher with a passion for UX/UI design, I make an impact. My areas of expertise include graphic design, figma, project management skills, and quantitative research methodologies.

During this past year, I had the amazing opportunity to conduct user research at Meta.

Throughout my position, I gained unmatched knowledge regarding data gathering and analysis, communicating in a professional setting, and documenting conclusions for executive review. I believe these skills have provided a competitive edge for myself as a candidate.

In my 5 years professional experience, I have produced several UX/UI and graphic design projects for a variety of clients. I have continuously improved my skillset and incorporated client feedback within each project I have completed. I believe that my previous and upcoming experience make me a competitive professional candidate for this position.

If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me. I hope to hear from you soon.

Skills and Growth
UX Design Certificate
Certificate Earned in January 2022
Functioning Prototypes
Primarily in Figma and Adobe XD
Excellent Adobe Skills
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
I am a UX/UI designer at the University of Washington.With a hyperfocus on users, my designs highlight narrative, empathy, and impact through strong visuals.
Asa student, I am constantly learning more about design and different design thinking. I would love to continue growing with my work.
With my own personal growth, I love to help others grow as well. I pride myself in taking opportunities to grow myself, reflect, and then use what I have learned to help others.
My Design Theory and Process
I personally identify as a T shaped designer, where I have a variety of background and abilities to pull from, but I specialize in UX/UI Design. I believe design should be based on learning, whether its user research, color theory or market demands. I try to customize my design process for each design to create a unique and valuable approach for each scenario. There are different important research methods to explore with each design depending on what is being asked for and certain pain points. For example, my Interactive Narrative for the Woodland Park Zoo process is different than the Conversifi Website design process.
However, I consistently keep an open mind and allow the research and feedback to guide me and my design. I also take the user into consideration with each step in the process. Knowledge with the user's actions, thoughts and feelings are key for empathizing and creating the best possible user experience. I also incorporate my values into my designs through considering representation, equity, and accessibility.
My favorite book right now is Innovating for People from the Luma Institute. I love the different approaches for a user centered design. All these different methods are great to have in my tool kit to be able to be flexible and find new approaches to user centered design. Many different perspectives are great for design work and I am always listening and thinking of new opportunities to make something great.
Thank you for visiting!
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